A Strategic Business Weapon

Today, coaching is rapidly being recognized as one of the best strategic weapons a company can have in its arsenal. In fact, online retail giant Zappos.com keeps their Coaching Team in-house to help employees achieve consistent personal and professional development! It’s more than making and meeting benchmarks, though measurement does support progress. It’s personal. 

Coaching is the job of developing people. It is what gets everyone playing at the top of their game. It establishes accountability in the person responsible for the work that needs to get done—the person “in the chair over there.”

Coaching fosters employee retention and development. Development, or lack of it, is one of the 6 top reasons people leave an organization. Of course, you gain in more ways than retention as coaching improves an employee’s competency. Competence inspires confidence, which in turn fuels pride and enthusiasm. The value of inspiration and pride is immeasurable. Both optimize productivity. 

The Lesson

Coaching is the gift you give another person. It is not fluffy. It is at the heart of accountability, creates “never-ending improvement” environments and improves profitability. Coaching gives you opportunities to celebrate individual growth and we all work hardest for those who care and are committed to developing our potential!

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