Making Tough Decisions

I recently attended the Boutique Lifestyle and Lodging Conference in Los Angeles. (For all you boutiques out there who didn’t make it, you’ll want in on this conference next year—tons of smart people who think differently!) While at the BLLA conference, I had the privilege to hang out with and interview Niki Leondakis, the CEO of Commune Hotels & Resorts, to discuss her incredible career and the topic of leadership. She is a great leader! Beyond the inspiration that she shares, Niki opened up to me about one of the toughest parts of her job: making important decisions around talent. We discussed the process and theories behind letting people go, that it never gets easier, and that it’s still sometimes absolutely necessary. 

The Lesson
If someone isn’t performing to their potential and up to your expectations, no one wins. Niki shared a tip that really resonated with me:

“Take care of it now. Time does not improve a bad situation. And when you are letting someone go, be direct and compassionate.”

I’d like to leave it there. I think Niki summed up the point eloquently! To learn more about Niki’s great work, check out about her from Hotel Management Magazine!

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