Awaken the Possibilities in Others

“A conductor’s power depends on his ability to make other people powerful,” says conductor Ben Zander in the video linked below. As a leader, you are the conductor of your symphony. How do you get your “orchestra” to play together and to understand that how they harmonize reflects the performance they deliver?  

Like an orchestra, if everyone in your organization has their own interpretation of the music (agenda) it becomes very noisy, very quickly. Leaders understand the power of collaboration and the need for each person to take responsibility for their part. Great conductors understand that beautiful music (work) starts with inspiring leadership, along with selecting the best players and allowing them the time to practice (think and prepare). All three—the leader, the players, and the practice—combine to set the stage for show time. So rather than try to tune every section of your orchestra individually, why not step back and see how they’re all playing together?

The Lesson

Focus on increasing harmony in your organization, reinforcing learning and good habits through practice, and ensuring all your players are doing their part to move the work to its next evolution. And definitely check out the video below to learn how Ben Zander changed the way he led after realizing that “the conductor doesn’t make a sound.”

 P.S. The music of your organization can be beautiful or a cacophony, depending on your leadership. Here at Aspire, we put together team building exercises to help create your symphony! Any feedback welcome…

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