The Roles of Leadership

Being a leader is always invigorating and at times it is downright exhausting.  When you think about leadership, you have to think about the many roles of a leader:

  • Visionary: seeing what no one else sees in the winding road ahead
  • Educator: you have to coach people to awaken their potential and the potential of your organization
  • Innovator: you have to innovate to lead.  Otherwise you are a follower
  • Motivator: you have to inspire people to fanatically join in on your mission
  • Communicator: clarity and focus of the mission, the work, and the priorities is how things get done.  Conversations matter.
  • Facilitator:  moving people from point A to point B requires you to ensure execution
  • Advisor: listening, mentoring, and being available builds deep commitment

The Lesson

Becoming a great leader really starts with learning, which comes in many forms.  Reading, having a “life team” of people you go to and think with, failing, curiosity; the desire to never stop growing.

I need a nap!

Are you a Leader? Check out this great video:

PS:  Leadership is the HEART of intelligent revenue strategies.  Find out how aspire has produced leadership development courses for company cultures just like yours. Any questions, let me know! (all feedback welcome)

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