Team Building - Get the Employee Motivation Mojo Risin'

No one can help the person with a negative attitude

Well the reality has set in and it is time to get your community/team moving faster and smarter than ever. Hopefully you have mapped out the plan, involved those who will execute it in the process, identified who is responsible for what and by when, and determined your key success measurements. Now it is time to get the "mojo risin'".

Frequently I am asked how I motivate employees and my community at Aspire. And the answer is simple: I can't motivate anyone and neither can you.

Motivation comes from within, so as a manager you must help your people be inspired by the work and its contribution. You can inspire another person. If you don't believe me, try this out. Next time you are at a store, engage a worker and ask them about their work. Ask them what inspires them? Ask them how they help other people? And ask them how they feel when they think about how their work contributes to others regardless of the job itself. employee-motivation

It is through the work that we can inspire people and they can find their motivation. It is through this connection that they feel the energy to be more productive, work smarter, listen better and contribute more purposefully. It is our work that gets us rocking and rolling. And it is our motivation that kicks us into overdrive and gets us excited.

As a leader and manager; parent or primary care-giver; owner or CEO; you must first begin with inspiration and help another person see how they are a part of something important and worthwhile in their life. Inspiration is the ability to shine the light on others and get their sense of self worth hooked in.

Watch for the pitfalls:

  1. Never stop talking, engaging and connecting. People are feelers first. When they feel your sense of hope and possibility they will believe. If you don't believe me take a look at our new President.

TIP: Find ways to acknowledge, recognize, find laughter, create fun times that connect with your people, and mostly never stop talking.

  1. Now is not the time to cut training as there is nothing less self-motivating than not knowing how to do your job or how to do your job better than ever before. Failures are not motivating and if you think training is expensive, try the cost of low productivity and negative attitudes.

TIP: People want to succeed and without strong skills they will fail. Never stop training and coaching.

  1. Find progress everywhere. With progress comes a sense of momentum and momentum is the fuel that builds success.

TIP: Look for incremental improvement in your customer service, client retention, sales prospecting and celebrate it. Get people feeling hopeful.

Getting our people's "mojo risin'" has big pay offs from stimulating stronger results to optimizing potential in all aspects of your business.

Or you could just stay worried and in fear. The choice is yours.

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This month's mood: Inspire

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Renie Cavallari is CEO and Chief Inspirational Officer for Aspire, an international training and consulting company positioning organizations to achieve optimum performance. Aspire provides innovative sales and customer service training, strategic marketing, leadership skills and cultural alignment for increasing revenues, growth in market share, a re-energized sales force and lasting changes in attitudes and outcome. Founded in 1995, Aspire has headquarters in Phoenix with a network of inspiring professionals across the country.

For more information on how to improve sales and leadership even in turbulent times talk with Renie directly at . Check out Renie's new book Official Girlfriends Getaway Guide.

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