Team Building Exercises - Nothing Positive Comes From Negativity in Workplace

This month's mood: Stop Global Whining

I am listening to: "Turn the Beat Around" by Gerald & Pete Jackson. Best soundtrack-Gloria Estefan

Enough already. I have officially stopped watching the news...I just can't take anymore negativity. It starts my day off hopeless and puts me to sleep in fear. Negativity won't get us out of this mess and those who understand that will lead their teams to extraordinary victory. no-negativity-workplace-positive

There is no better time for you to build your internal community and gain momentum. Great innovation and success have come from hard times and now is the defining time for leaders to shine the light on how to get there.

So think about what you wish for in your life and you will likely know what is important to your people. Here are a few ways to turn the beat around and bring positivity into this world and work place you live in:

  1. Look for what is right in others. We are all critical of ourselves and this habit makes us critical of others. Criticism doesn't improve work productivity, encouragement does.
  2. Stop telling and start coaching. People have the answers within them and when they build and contribute to the solutions you will never have to worry about low responsibility and lack of accountability issues again.
  3. Make the tough decisions now. Those who are not buying into your plan will only slow up your progress and minimize your financial results. Let them go.
  4. When you cut staff make sure you take the time to talk to the team directly affected and discuss how to rework the processes so that customer service/retention and other key measurement indicators are not impacted poorly.
  5. Think. Prepare and then Move. At these times you are likely to find yourself in an endlessly reactive position. A reactive leadership style will create more chaos where you don't want it and you can't afford to have it. You will always get a better result when you think and prepare 1st.
  6. Get everyone selling. Make it every person's mission. Talk about it endlessly. Find out what they think they can do. Follow up weekly. What you focus on comes true and driving sales is the only way out of the challenges you have long term.
  7. We are all creators of our environment. If the talk around your offices is all negative, you can count on negative employee attitudes, poor service experiences, difficult customers and market share lose. Create posters for your offices and back of the house that offer inspiring thoughts. Ask others to offer their ideas around how to create more positive work environments.
  8. If you do not have an incentive plan in place there is no better time. Focus on the measurements that make a difference to the work product the employee is delivering. For example, front desk should be about customer retention and survey scores, engineering about preventive maintenance standards and decreasing guest issues and so on.

Renie Cavallari is CEO and Chief Inspirational Officer for Aspire, an international training and consulting company positioning organizations to achieve optimum performance. For more information on how to improve your manager's effectiveness and get more with the staff you have talk with Renie directly at or call 602-392-0700 to sign up for coaching training.

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