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20 Ways to Drive Your Lover (aka Market Share)

...even in a down economy

This month's mood: Sales is the only road to improving market share...it's an active sport!

I was listening to: 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover.

The song by Paul Simon says it best...just get on the bus, Gus...that is the sales bus!
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I find it amazing that with the state of the economy as it is, many leaders are focusing on a strategy of hope. "If we cut enough and just ride through it we will make it out alive."

For the record, hope is not a strategy; it's a one way ticket to failure. Being hopeful is a state of mind that simulates positive energy. The real way out of your market share challenges is getting your sales machine moving and "hoping" that everyone else is stimulating the economy like you are.

This month we cut to the chase on how to drive sales in the next 90 days...find the 5 that make the most sense for you and start moving forward and get on the bus...Gus!

  1. Change up your sales meeting now. Move it outside or to an interesting location, change the agenda and talk pipeline...what did you put in that is new, where is each deal in the pipeline and how can we move it to a close. For a list of sales meeting ideas, email Renie.
  2. Look at your distribution channels. What places can you stimulate demand? Where are you not playing that would allow you to own your market niche? Talk to the channel managers directly. Get curious and be flexible. Today's game has changed...have you?
  3. It's an oldie and still a goody...be sure that all channels have inventory and pricing for a minimum of 365 days out. Please do not roll your eyes! You would not believe how many denials are due to being in denial about inventory and rate management effectiveness.
  4. Target your backyard - there is business within 5 to 20 miles of your front door. Open your eyes, look around and get assertive. Use the internet to search out who is doing what in your backyard. Build your team's target list. Establish your approach and move.
  5. Public works has money - what are they doing in your neighborhood and how can you support them from outside catering to training and lodging. Think about what they need and then figure out how to deliver it.
  6. Pick up the phone. The only way to get someone to buy is to engage them. and that requires you to start a conversation. Use your networking events and current client referrals to expand your reach. Have your sales people take 90 minutes 3 times each week to only dial for dollars.
  7. Everyone sells - so be sure that you are selling in your restaurant or breakfast room. Find out who is in there, why and how they heard about you. Who else do they know and how can you reach out. Rally your front desk. There are more leads walking by your front desk than you sales team can ever handle.
  8. Keep your current customers dizzy with happiness. When they return be sure that they get VIP status and give them recognition, upgrades, etc. Better yet, get the General Manager to greet them and say thank you for coming back. Use a weekly reception as a vehicle to get to know clients and find out how to keep them for life. Never take a client for granted. It's the easiest way to lose them.
  9. Be sure you are contacting your top 100 to 150 clients 4 times per year and make it creative. Have the General Manager or top dog contact your top 100 clients at least once per year and get the calls in ASAP. Say thank you, ask for what else you can do and then ask who else you can invite.
  10. Stand out from the clutter. Stop sending all the stuff that no one is reading and start sending something that emotionally moves someone to take action. People buy from people they like and like is an emotion. Touch their hearts.

Want more? To get 10 more ways to increase your sales call Aspire at 602-392-0700 and ask for the HMM Get on the Bus List or send an email to renie@aspiremarketing.com.

Renie Cavallari is CEO and Chief Inspirational Officer for Aspire- a Revenue Generation Company. For more information on how to improve sales and leadership even in turbulent times, talk with Renie directly leave a comment below. Check out Renie's new book at Official Girlfriends Getaway Guide..

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