Top 10 Truths about Stress to Overcome Health Related Issues from Work Related Stress

In the workplace, at home or in your car...stress can follow you anywhere. Stress is one of the top health related issues we face today and in order to get a handle on it, you need to know the The Truth about Stress:

1. No one gives you stress…you give it to your Self
2. Over scheduling causes stress
3. Stress is a view of the world
4. Find ways to cut your never-ending list – focus on what actually matters
5. When we stop finding joy in our life we experience stress
6. When we are stressed we give our stress to others…especially those we love
7. Set your true life goals and only do things each day that support these goals
8. Check in daily with your goals, your time, your effort and your happiness. If you don’t you build a life of stress
9. Stress, like guilt, is an illusion
10. Stress kills

Is your team stressed? A great way to overcome stress in the workplace is through team building games, give us a call to learn more, 602-392-0700.

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