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As you have no doubt realized by now, travel is changing drastically and so have the travelers. The hospitality and travel industry must take into account Generation X Facts while planning their promotional offers! This is not just because of the state of the economy, it appears the profile of the traveler is being reshaped, mostly because the tourism baton is being passed from one generation to the next. Generation X and Y, also known as the Millennials, are making significant contributions to travel and changing the hospitality industry as we know it! Even when it comes to road trip vacaction planning, the fact is 35% of the Baby Boomer Generation let the Xers and Ys plan the family vacation. Oh yes, the Boomers pay for it, and the Millennials do all the research and make all the plans. If you don’t focus on these significant changes you may miss opportunities and find yourself on the archaic shelf, waiting for someone to give you another read. Of course we could provide the top ten list of things you should be aware of, and then again this is an article and not a travel log. So, we’ll give you highlights, which should get you thinking better, smarter faster!

Xers  and Millennials are bored! These generations have been flooded with 24 hour media, cell phones, access to Internet at the touch of a finger, a billion channels on TV, etc. And as they see all that is out there they tend to want to get involved.  These are generations that are creative and have a strong desire to learn. One type of travel that has emerged to meet this need is Ecotourism also known as “Sustainable” and “Adventure” travel. The World Trade Organization claims 34% of ecotourists are between the ages of 18 – 34. Ecotourism has been around for years, and came into prominence in the 1990s. And it has evolved into Green Travel. How green are you? The greener you are the more green you can expect if you get my drift. Not only is the Xer and Millennial looking to save the planet so are groups and even the individual business traveler is looking to assist in global warming and making the world a better place.

Here is a look at the Generation X Facts Top Ten list:

  1. We’re bored
    a) If you offer the ordinary, run of the mill ideas packages your doomed
    b) Spas that have signature treatments with unique services and products that are indigenous and native to the area are doing well. Lava rock, Sea treatments, herbs etc.
    c) Technology plays a role. Self Serve Kiosks for checking in (as seen in grocery and hardware stores)
  2. We have great new tools to express our creative genes
    a) Interactive experiences like hotels that offer “Iron Chef” parties
    b) Weddings that teach the wedding parties dances prior to the wedding
  3. Behind the scenes access has whet our appetites
    a) The popularity of the open, display kitchens for a dining experience
  4. Learning has become the ultimate status symbol
    a) Educational experiences. Hosting an iron chef contest, creating food, promoting the history of the hotel
    b) Understanding the big picture of the environment via greening etc.
    c) Creating your own video for You Tube
  5. External experiences trigger internal transformation
    a) Life and well being classes including diet, and classes like cooking photography (Miraval)
    b) Wings to Fly
  6. Experiences are the new social currency
    a) Consumer generated content
    b) You Tube, Face Book
    c) Lobbies are important gathering places to share social events
  7. We want to be kept on our toes
  8. The Internet has made us aware of the possibilities
  9. Our peers are doing it
    a) Girls Getaways
  10. Packaged adventures make it accessible
    a) Ala Carte packaging is the wave of the future. Airlines and care rentals have been doing it for years, it’s time for hotels to catch up.

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