The Best Examples of A Vision Statement and How to Create One for your Business

Have you ever seen a house built on a poor foundation? Ask anyone who has ever owned one and they will tell you about the endless “sinking” feeling they have inside. A strong foundation is vital for any solid home.  The same holds true for your business.

Key to your business is creating, living and delivering an inspiring culture. At the core of your culture is establishing a clear understanding of your vision. A powerful and inspiring vision allows your people to see the deeper reason for the business and also allows them to aspire to do more.

The Definition
A vision defines what you stand for and why you exist. It captures a sense of noble purpose. Vision provides guidance about what core to protect and how to stimulate progress toward a successful future.

The Components
The term vision statement is over-used and misunderstood. A well-designed vision defines:
1.    Why you exist
2.    What you stand for

The Purpose
A vision shares an image of what your community will become. It captures the community’s aspirations and dreams. A vision is future-oriented and does not change. It straddles the possible and impossible. A powerful vision shines the light on what progress must be made and what ultimately you will become. This future state allows everyone involved to contribute to something bigger than oneself.

For once…something that doesn’t change
A vision statement is creative and inspiring. Leaders utilize the vision to align company strategies, values, rewards and recognition to ensure a long-term and fully integrated approach to growth.

Tips to defining or strengthening your vision:

  1. Vision statements are timeless…it is closer to impossible than possible.
  2. Avoid words like best, premium or superior as they are subjective in nature.
  3. Your vision must inspire and motivate your people.
  4. A vision must dare the impossible. Meeting guests’ expectations is not impossible and hence has no place in a vision statement.
  5. Write your vision in an aggressive manner to spark involvement and energize your people.
  6. Keep it brief so people can remember the vision.

Examples of powerful vision statements:

  • Nike’s vision is to experience the emotions of winning and crushing the competition.
  • Disney’s vision is not to make cartoons; it is to make people laugh.
  • Aspire’s vision is to touch lives through awakening potential.
  • 3M’s vision is to solve problems innovatively.

Keeping your vision alive…

A vision statement is far more than inspiring words on a nicely laminated card. Ultimately, your vision is about leading and modeling. We all know talk is cheap and in order to have a powerful culture and an active vision you must be fanatical about living it daily. Leaders must walk it, model it, reinforce it and celebrate it. There is an opportunity to inspire your vision in every aspect of your business…integrate it with passion and it will be your legacy.

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