Resort Marketing Ideas That save Money, Meeting Planners Take Note

This was forwarded to me from a LinkedIn discussion group site.  These are the things meeting planners are thinking about these days.  It shows great insight into the minds of our customers in the hospitality, resort and leisure market. Some of the ideas are quite clever.

20 ways in which we have recently saved your clients money - and ‘Keep America Meeting’

  1. Use online invitations/registrations, this also eliminates tracking manual emails
  2. Use social media, networking sites to invite attendees
  3. Host meetings/conferences in less expensive cities with alternative airports to fly into
  4. Shuttle attendees or share a ride and/or offer limited hours instead of as and when guests arrive
  5. Select less expensive venues: Art Gallery over museum or University auditorium over well known event facility
  6. Look for a member of a Private club in your organization. Members have great incentives to spend in house with group events. Clubs often have multiple locations and are willing to offer a discount for hosting a series of meetings
  7. A restaurant buyout can be cheaper than renting an event venue
  8. Piggy back with shouldering groups by sharing speakers, entertainment, audio visual and decor
  9. Use outside audio visual instead of in-house
  10. Use local entertainment such as music schools, church groups, music clubs, and multi-cultural groups saving on travel expenses.
  11. Use in house or produce reusable signage
  12. Instead of room drops have a manned registration desk to give out materials, gifts etc
  13. Base F&B on consumption instead of pp cost and offer wine and beer only, with maybe one specialty drink instead of an open bar
  14. Order less expensive wines by comparing wine lists with online wine rating websites
  15. Use water pitchers with glassware instead of bottled water
  16. Use a semi private room which won’t have an F&B min and room rental
  17. Select non-floral centerpieces or reuse floral over multiple days
  18. Look at shipping linens to more expensive cities
  19. Have a wireless cyber lounge: a designated "break out room", negotiate it for free with the hotel. Place signage ‘with compliments’ with the hotel as sponsor
  20. Meeting planners usually can obtain further discounts on meetings rooms and ask them to deduct their sleeping room commission from their management fee

Let's face it, the hospitality and leisure industry are experiencing challenges not seen in a long time. We can help implementing revenue generating programs that will also save money and drive new Aspire to learn more.

Renie Cavallari, Aspire’s founder, chief inspiration officer and CEO, is an energetic trainer, strategist, speaker, author and leader who has delivered measurable results for businesses around the world over the past 20 years.

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