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tips-for-better-customer-servicePreface: I had an interesting week last week when I was traveling to the National Speakers Annual Conference in NYC. I love New York. It makes me feel like a grown up. And more importantly, it was a trip full of awakenings. It was truly an extraordinary experience largely because of Happy People Everywhere!

Happy is definitely an advantage and one of best tips for better customer service!"

Now for my cynical readers I beg you to give me a chance (please stop rolling your eyes) and consider this as a way to define customer service:

Chapter 1: I was flying on US Airways (not known as the leading U.S. airline) and when I got to the ticket counter, I was treated kindly. There was laughter and engaged conversation.

Note to self: Happy person. Appears to be a personal choice.

Chapter 2: I got on the plane and the flight attendant was engaging, attentive and happy. Imagine my surprise as normally the first class attendant has an attitude of ‘these people are a group of high maintenance flyers who are usually just up-graders’.

Note to self: Happy person. Appears to be a personal choice.

Chapter 3: I got off the plane in Newark at 5 p.m. and there waiting for me at baggage claim as planned is Laura, the driver, smiling and helpful…this is Newark Airport! We quickly hit the road and my happy driver is unsure of the exit. She was so sincere and delightful that I was happy to call the hotel and get the directions.

Note to self: Happy person. Appears to be a personal choice.

Chapter 4: And what happens next at 6 p.m. was amazing. I called the hotel and the front desk person answering the phone was happy and helpful. When I arrived at the hotel, Annie, the same happy, personable and kind front desk agent who was up against all odds at 6 p.m. on the desk alone with a line out the door, was pleasant, helpful and even spoke to me. I went to my room and lay down.

Note to self: Happy person. Appears to be a personal choice.

Chapter 5: I was attending the National Speakers Association annual meeting. Imagine 2,000 inspired, engaging and supportive people. Note to self: Massive happy people. This is massive personal choices.
Closing Chapter: I ask myself, “what is going on? Where did all of these happy people come from?” And then it was clear.

Note to self: Happy person. It’s a personal choice.

Renie Cavallari is CEO and Chief Inspirational Officer for Aspire, an international training and consulting company positioning organizations to achieve optimum performance. Aspire provides innovative learning, strategic marketing, leadership training and cultural alignment for increasing revenues, growth in market share, a re-energized sales force and lasting changes in attitudes and outcome. Founded in 1995, Aspire has headquarters in Phoenix with a network of inspiring professionals across the country.

For more information on employee retention programs visit , e-mail Renie directly at renie (at) or call Aspire at 602-392-0700.

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