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Come Together…Right Now
It’s More Business Than You Think

The New Year and the business cycle diagram are good things to reference for 2009! With this in mind, it is time to take a look around and consider how you will experience the journey over the next 12 months. Life is never easy for the “naysayers” so how will you find the strength to get your team to come together?

Now for those who are thinking, “is she aware of the state of the economy, the reality of our industry and my issues with cash flow?” The answer is “count on it.” And to that I say, ”what you focus on comes true.” So how can you bring your people together to start to get some traction and move forward against the odds?
Think Community, think business cycles. Now more than ever your people need to feel connected to something that gives them hope, and their Community, both the one they work in as well as the one they live in, needs your help.

Put your arms around local and national charities that your team can support through volunteer efforts and unique fund-raising opportunities. The payoffs are substantial for the mind and spirit and you will be able to help your internal Community come together and focus around something bigger than themselves and their own issues.

When we give, we receive and this feeling bonds people together, naturally creates teamwork and builds commitment as the feelings of contribution create pride in all of us. Giving when times are tough make an even bigger difference because good times are in store for us all...take time to make the best of now too.

Here are a few ways to build Community through Giving:
With your team, determine two-to-three charities that your internal Community feels connected to and emotional about. Let those involved be at any charity presentations where they share their mission and its impact.
Take a vote. Get everyone involved in the selection process and you will later see more people involved with the work and the spirit that giving brings.

Once you have made your selections, determine a few different leaders to head the charities’ internal representation. Be sure to have special recognition for those individuals leading these efforts via name tags so they get the recognition that paying it forward gives. Also, have recognition of each charity located around the hotel. This is important to keeping the spirit alive as well as getting guests to share in the spirit of caring. Guests will care that you care.

Get creative. How can you support this charity in a way that works for them and allows you to use internal soft dollars to make something important happen? This is the key as people start to get excited and this is the beginning of your buzz!

Work with your public relations, local media and the charity resources so you can share how you are supporting your community and get the recognition charitable work deserves.

Yes, now is the time for us to come together as we take this journey. Great leaders know that we must find the emotion for our people to focus and have a feeling that they are contributing as one Community. Let’s come together, right now.

Renie Cavallari is CEO and Chief Inspiration Officer for Aspire, a global and domestic marketing, training and consulting company that specializes in resort marketing and challenges mediocrity and the status quo to allow you to optimize revenues, productivity and align your organization for optimal performance and profitability. For more information, visit, call 602.392.0700 or email renie (at)

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