Is Marketing to Women in Your Marketing Strategy?

What Women Want: Women Talk and It’s More Business than You Think

Targeting Women

Face it, women like to communicate. We talk, we listen, we talk some more. We want to know the truth and when we buy, we expect the exchange for our hard-earned money to be consistent with the promise made, of personal value and with care. Women are loyal and when you deliver they are a dream come true. If you want a customer for life, start targeting women.

To discuss women as a market audience you have to understand that women are different. The women segment is huge and there are generational differences that reflect in their buying. One thing is for sure -- women over 40 is the fastest growing buying segment. If you don’t capture them it is almost impossible for your individual hotel or entire brand to grow.

Today, more women have a higher education and marry late or never than ever before. They are spending their dollars as well as their partners. Women will drive further if they trust the product. Recently I drove past four jewelry stores to visit the one I trust, just to have my jewelry cleaned. A friend of mine thought I was crazy and asked "who cares?” I care and I remember how they helped me before, how they connect with me during each visit and how nice they are to my 7-year-old when she is with me.

Who cares? Women care and women talk. They will take the time to visit Trip Advisors and share their experiences and alert others. Understand that your reputation is a major part of their buying decision. If someone questions your reputation, women will question it too.

So how do you get your marketing message to stick? Know that women buy from their heart.

Strategies for Targeting Women
Know your objective: Are you trying to create awareness, stimulate trial, and increase intent to return?
Move her emotionally. What's important to her? What makes your hotel better, of more value, unique and how will she experience that?

Connect, connect, connect. Show how your hotel or package relates to her interests and needs.
Get emotional. Women buy on more than price and convenience. They are shoppers and they like the feelings associated with buying.

Be real. Women don’t have the time or patience for the boloney. They want the truth and know that if you lie, they will find out and talk. "Women talk" is very expensive to your bottom line.

Important Marketing Tips for Communicating to Women
Woman care about who they buy from – your reputation, your community involvement, and your connection when serving them is monumental.

Women look beyond the product. Quality is a minimum standard. How you deliver service and what service recovery you provide when things don’t work out as planned is vital.

Women use the same products and services for both home and business. Get them as a business guest and they will become a social guest.

Women use the Internet to buy. Use research to connect with them through the channel.

Keep the message and purchasing process SIMPLE.

Service at every point of connection is how they view the value of your property.

Don’t nickel and dime. The resort fee may be a clever ancillary spend strategy but it is a major disconnect for the women buyer. Make it clear up front and establish value or they will challenge why they are paying $300 per night.

Someone once said that talk was cheap…I promise you it wasn’t a woman.

Renie Cavallari is CEO and Chief Inspiration Officer for Aspire, an international training and consulting company positioning organizations to achieve optimum performance. Aspire provides innovative learning, strategic marketing, leadership training and cultural alignment for increasing revenues, growth in market share, a re-energized sales force and lasting changes in attitudes and outcome. Founded in 1995, Aspire has headquarters in Phoenix with a network of inspiring professionals across the country.

For more information on Women Buying Habits and the most effective strategies for marketing to women for your business, visit, call Aspire at 602-392-0700 or complete the form below.

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