What is a Productivity Index and How Does It Relate to Positivity

Is There a Productivity Index and How Does It Relate to Positivity

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a high energy, high positivity kind of person. You got it "one of those kinds of people." And over the years, many have tried hard to stomp that high positivity with their “why it can’t be done belief system.” There are two clear perspectives when it comes to business and life. There are those who focus on “why it can’t be done” and the few who focus on “how to get it done.”

Research actually indicates that nine out of 10 people will walk away from a challenge that doesn’t have an immediate return, or that shows signs of difficulty within a 60-day time period. Not that promising for the innovation America needs to compete in the global marketplace. And having said all of this, creating a high positivity Community isn’t enough.

High positivity with low productivity is just the bus stop before low positivity-low productivity. All of us know that it is productivity, not just activity, that delivers results and the truth is we should only focus on activity that delivers results.

There are 4 possible work quadrants within any Community. Take a look and determine yours.
The ideal Community works in High Positivity-High Productivity. This is the Community that enjoys the work, works the work and delivers the results. This Community has leaders that inspire, managers that facilitate and measure results to identify new opportunities and potential problems; and, coaches that optimize people and productivity. The goal of any smart organization is one that has fun while sustaining long term results even under difficult market conditions. These are the long distance marathon runners of business, and they are known as the high positivity-high productivity organizations.

The other 3 types of organizations are:

  • High Positivity-Low Productivity: These are the Communities or Teams that love being together. They chat vs. having clean communication, feel that love should be alive at all times, and must have a cup of java together or the day just isn’t complete. They have no real "mojo" to the work and hence they don’t produce. Though this may “feel good” in the short term, this Community is weeks or months away from having a new boss with one mission…"let’s get some results here or you will lose your job.” So, say goodbye to high positivity and welcome to the world of microscopic management. Now there’s some real positivity!
  • Low Positivity-High Productivity: This Community is a full-out work horse organization. They are focused and spend their day in the endless hunker down driven world with little fun and not a real sense of connection beyond getting their work done. These organizations tend to lack conflict resolution skills (communication builds connection and solves problems) and though they produce high levels of work and results, they burn out, have scathing resentment and lack a sense of purpose to something that matters at a higher, more strategic level.This team needs encouragement, a place to talk and engage with one another and some fun. They have more to offer the organization at large when positivity is added to the mix as their synergy will improve processes, allow for proactive solutions through dialogue and lower turnover. However, people leave this team as they come to conclude that “life is too short, this place isn’t fun" and the never ending push for more productivity becomes overwhelming.
  • Low Positivity-Low Productivity: Welcome to HR hell. This is not only a lousy place to work; this is a place where nothing gets done. It doesn’t matter what the objective, this team just needs an endless source of outside support to wind them up and give them direction. They don’t like each other; don’t like the work; find the wrong in all; and don’t produce.

Most people will now be feeling a sense of relief if they are not a part of a team or Community that is low positivity-low productivity. Though this may be true in the short term, if you find your organization in low positivity-high productivity or high positivity-low productivity and do nothing to move both indicators to high, know one thing…the next stop on this bus trip is low positivity-low productivity. And that’s a challenge you don’t want to see.

So get on the high positivity-high productivity bus and know that your success will be sustainable, your talent will be deep and your Community’s performance outstanding. This is the bus for the easy rider.

Renie Cavallari is CEO and Chief Inspiration Officer for Aspire, an international training and consulting company positioning organizations to achieve and sustain optimum performance. Aspire provides innovative learning, strategic marketing, leadership training including improving leadership style and cultural alignment for increasing revenues, growth in marketshare, a re-energized sales force and lasting changes in attitudes and outcome. Founded in 1995, Aspire has headquarters in Phoenix, Ariz. with a network of inspiring professionals across the country.

For more information on how to sustain your revenue and people performance, visit www.aspiremarketing.com or e-mail Renie directly at renie@aspiremarketing.com

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