Who's Stressed?

The answer is probably all of us! In speaking with agents since the pandemic began, there is an increase in stress levels. 

Top factors causing new stresses in agents:

  • Constant change – a lot of agents prefer a consistency. For some, it’s why they got in the job in the first place. Now, processes and information can change on an hourly basis, so they feel very overwhelmed (by the way, this impacts their tone of voice and body language on the phones)
  • Unhappy customers – some are unhappy because agents have to call to reschedule their stay due to delayed openings. Others are aspirational guests looking for smoking deals. And lastly, some guests are pushing back on the new procedures and protocols, e.g. Why is the spa closed?
  • Heavy call volume – depending upon the location and type of property, call volume is, exceptionally, heavy with limited inventory
  • Fewer agents working
  • Miss the camaraderie of working with fellow associates – remember all the times you celebrated over cookies, donuts, pizza parties, etc. in the office... in your physically close office?
  • Less time getting coached by managers and supervisors

What are you doing to help relieve their stress?

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