What is Your Plan on How to Re-Onboard Your Agents?

Science wins has been the new rallying cry. For the past 25 years, aspire’s programming and processes have always been built on science of human behavior and research. Our team has been researching new tips to help hoteliers navigate the voice channel since COVID-19, as consumers have new questions and want human connection more than ever.

What is your plan on how to re-onboard your agents?

Hotels on the east coast have always built or revamped their hurricane procedures during the winter, when there is a 0% chance of a hurricane. Some of our best planning and preparing happens in our Connecting Center, where we’re logical, rational and can think thoughtfully. 

Here’s 5 musts for your plan on how to re-onboard your team:

1. Communicate with the team the new SOPs and protocols at the property, in order to align the team with the new vision. e.g. how will you ensure social distancing at the pool?

2. Write out scripts for the team. Scripting is extremely important as guests have new questions and objections on safety, how will amenities be operated at the property, along with deposit and cancellation policies.
3. Train against your new value propositions based on guests’ new needs, wants and expectations. For example, “our 200 acre, campus style Resort, gives you plenty of space to relax and unwind, while still practicing social distancing.”
4. Revise your QA criteria to support the new normal. Remember, long time guests who normally booked online are going to be calling, since in reality, this is a new experience for them.
5. Role play. Role play. Role play using new challenging situations. Before the pandemic, Gallup’s research indicated only 19% of employees received feedback a few times a week. Employees are going to need a lot of feedback and coaching as they knock the rust off and pivot in the new normal.
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