The World is Watching

Funny thing about time…it keeps moving forward. At this time, I have slowed down to observe more, to listen more and to reflect more. It’s one of many silver linings I am gaining from this COVID monster!

One major observation I see is that the human spirit is reacting in some inspiring as well as some interesting ways.

Here are a few things I have seen, loved, learned or even just stopped, starred and scratched my head wondering… “is anyone home up there?”

  • I love that at 7 pm every day NYC stops, applauds and acknowledges their frontline workers.
  • I love that Gayle King on the CBS Morning Show says thank you every day to those that must go to work to help the rest of us stay healthy, be safe, and eat...
  • I ask: What does it say about you when you don’t step aside or create distance when someone is passing you on a bike path or a hiking trail? It’s easy and considerate!
  • I love people finding ways to show their love to someone they cannot hug like the grandkids who show up and place their hand up to the window with a loving smile for grandma.
  • I’m curious about why some people find it impossible to smile or wave hello when they see and make eye contact with you?
  • I love the commitment of people who find ways to keep moving things forward even though it is difficult.
  • I love the frugal innovation that is occurring all around us from new ways of eating out while eating in, to someone with a sewing machine creating hundreds of masks for workers.
  • I love agility as demonstrated by car companies producing ventilators and manufacturers like Beauty Quest Group that used to primarily produce hair products changing gears in motion to make more antibacterial soap. They are keeping people employed and providing us with more of what we need. I respect agility more than ever.
  • I wonder how big corporations thought it was okay to take the PPP money that was specifically allocated to help small businesses.
  • I love all the funny videos that are out right now that make me laugh.
    If you haven’t seen --LADY IN THE CLOSET-- you have got to watch it! (see below)
    #QUARANTIMEKILLER Woman in Closet with a Flashlight
  • I’m curious about people who believe COVID won’t hit their community as if there is some magical, imaginary line that prohibits the virus from entering.
  • I love that my daughter is home from college and living with her Mama again. I love the conversations. The new found time together. The joy of watching her as an adult. I am pretty sure she does not love not being away at college as much as I do! 
  • I’m stunned by the choice of some who can and choose not to socially distance themselves. Do they just not care about their impact on others?
  • I love the kind notes others send to me and the love letter I received from my sister which got me to write a dozen of my own!
  • Don’t you just love the givers? They are really showing up. Our frontline workers who give us their time, support and energy to feed us, take care of our health, protect our communities and even give up their lives. I love their commitment to a higher life calling and purpose.
  • I love when even in the darkest moment, some amazing people still find the strength and commitment to focus on what is possible and shine their light.
  • I am disgusted by people who sell toilet paper on line for 100 times what they paid. There is a special place in hell for them. I hold onto what goes around…comes around!
  • I love the listeners. Those who take the time to truly hear, find empathy in other people’s fears and offer support and ideas on how to move forward.
  • I love how people are helping other people these days. I was at the store the other day and I watched a tall man grab a bunch of paper towels from the top shelf and put them on a different shelf for us short people to grab without having to jump or climb!
    I especially love how other people’s actions are inspiring me to be a better human and raise my bar.

    Never stop being the kind of person who inspires others and focuses on what is possible…next. 

    Live BIG.

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