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Renie Cavallari

Decreasing Stress

Stress does not come without your invitation. It is self-induced by our perspectives of what is occurring in our lives. We all have stress, and the less of it, the more happiness you experience. Life is about living day to day.
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Renie Cavallari

Let Kindness Ripple

Read, click, and breathe…As my friends from the Be Kind People Project ( say, “kindness is strength.” Their work focuses on helping youth understand how to deliver kindness to others, and it feels like us adults could use a drip or two right now.
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Dig in

Clarity isn’t actually as tricky as people make it out to be. It isn’t about what will be happening in a month as you can’t control that. You never could. Clarity is understanding what matters most today to impact my goals, dreams and commitments. Especially during times like these, it is all […]
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If You Don’t Take a Break, a Break Will Take You

Us "Type - A's" are doers.  We tend to be highly focused, passionate, and driven to achieve.  It’s a gift but it can also be a curse.
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