Quiet the Noise

Noise… the Little People in our Brains… HeadTrash…

It clutters your mind. It tends to be full of negativity and depletes your energy. It is frequently petty rather than productive, and it can get SO LOUD that it sucks your focus. It takes your eye off what matters most. If you want more focus, energy and productivity, shut down the noisemakers.

Whether you lead people or lead yourself, it is imperative that you look for and stamp out the noisemakers.

More Noise = Less Progress

Noise comes in many forms. Sometimes we create our own noise through our self-talk and fear. Other times it is the people around us that stir our head trash (pot stirrers) and somehow, we give them the power to turn on our fear, suck our energy, change our focus or allow them to deflect accountability. Regardless of your position, when others are creating noise in your life, you have to listen for what matters and disregard the rest.

Noise creeps up when people are worried and afraid. We overthink the situation, make the problem more complex and can even create imaginary obstacles. All of this creates a sense of overwhelming emotion and limits your ability to move from obsessing about the problem to thinking and acting on solutions.

More Noise = Less Progress (1)

You are in control of your life regardless of the difficult situations you may find yourself in. It is in how you choose to move toward what you want that defines the quality of your life and the power or disempowerment you feel.

Staying in a problem or worse yet, finding problems where no significant one exists, makes you into a martyr and this does not serve you in anyway. Martyrs are fueled by resentment which keeps the problem front and center in their head. The result is martyrs tend to blame and shame others for their unhappiness or discomfort. The truth is each of us controls our emotions so we each control our happiness meter.More Noise = Less Progress (2)Questions help shift our thinking and the quality of the question will reflect on the quality of the solution. Your life is really made up of a series of questions and it is important to make sure the questions you ask yourself are one that empower your mind. More Noise = Less Progress (3)Of course, sometimes we all get stuck in our own head and the chatter seems to just not allow us to focus on anything else.

I have a few questions that always help me get out of my upset mindset:

  1. Will this matter in 3 months?
  2. What matters most to me?
  3. What will be funny about this in 3 years?
  4. What is one thing I can do now to start to move forward?
  5. What about this situation am I grateful for?

It is in times like these, that we have to build our emotional management muscle and provide ourselves with productive and energizing self-talk. If all else fails, ask, “would you let anyone talk to you the way you talk to yourself?" or "what would you tell a friend about the situation to help them?”no headtrash (1)#motivational #aspire #headtrash #productivity #tips #mindset #yourchoice

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