It's Not What You Said, It's How You Said It

It’s Not What You Said, It’s How You Said It.
You've probably heard this proverb growing up... And, if you’re like me, you say it now to your own children.

As the world re-emerges from quarantine, this proverb is more important than ever. 93% of what your customers will hear when speaking to your agents is their tone of voice and body language.

Here are 5 musts to focus on with your team in order to quickly build trust with your customers:

1. Characteristics of positive tone of voice can include: cheerful, wanting to help, happy, interest in the customer’s needs, etc.

2. Don’t’ forget confidence in your agents’ tone of voice. Guests will quickly feel fear or doubt when an agent is answering their questions on new protocols if they do not sound confident. This is where scripting is important now.

3. Body language still represents 38% of what someone hears over the phone, even though the customer can’t see your agent. Are your team members smiling, sitting up straight and focused on the guest?

4. Active listening to the customer’s words, though also their tone of voice and body language reveals what your customers are really saying.

5. Role play. Role play. Role play using new challenging situations. Before the pandemic, Gallup’s research indicated only 19% of employees received feedback a few times a week. Team members are going to need a lot of feedback and coaching as they knock the rust off and pivot in the new normal.

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