Independent Living, the Most Difficult Sale

For a long time, I have told my friends and colleagues in sales that above all, the Independent Living sale is the most difficult. For the most part without triggering event to prompt a search, you must convince the senior to purchase something they frequently do not want or feel they need.

Interestingly, this has only been complicated by our new reality while the opposite should be true. Think about it, in Independent Living Communities there are professional people to help you with everything from pre-prepared meals, groceries, internet solutions and even different ways of physical distancing so you are not completely alone. All of this would be so difficult for seniors who are at home alone in their big house afraid to go to the grocery store or call for in-home services from people who may not be taking the appropriate precautions needed to protect our health and safety.

Despite the current landscape and its challenges, a few truths remain constant:

  1. People need to belong and being in a Community where friendships are easily maintained is vital to our feelings of emotional peace.
  2. Relationships are everything. The connections you make and maintain as sales people decrease the emotional tension all of us are feeling right now and this helps the potential resident listen with more openness and decreases the fear of losing their freedom in an independent community, even with rules.  
  3. Objections, uncertainty and spirited discussions all equal one thing… buying signals. 

The #1 reason why Independent Living is the most difficult sale is because it requires the most trust and rapport to close. I am asked all the time what advice I’d give sales teams as they navigate this new reality… here is what I tell them:

Your assignment for the next 30 day is to MAKE NEW FRIENDS.
  • Reach out and check in with people. No agenda. No pitch. No self-serving outcomes. What people need now more than ever is connection. The more connected people feel, the more likely they will think of you when they are ready to make the most important and difficult decisions of their adult life. It’s not about the building, the activities, the amenities. It’s about people who feel connected to other people. After all, that is what people value the most.

Give it a try and focus on building connection. We’d love to hear your successes – let us know how it goes!

Share your successes here! 

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