5 Ways Your QA and Value Proposition Will Drive Conversion

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Pre-COVID-19 you probably had a good idea of your top value propositions that resonated with your customers. And, in the past, most customers definitely wanted, and expected, a clean room or suite, though it rarely came up in a phone conversation with an agent. It was a given. Their questions might have been around your amenities.

Now, our value propositions need to change, as customers’ values have changed. Even repeat guests who normally booked online or via an app are going to start calling because they have new questions. It is as if it’s their first time to your property.

Here are 5 musts to revise your QA and Value Proposition to address the 800lb gorilla in the room, in order to drive conversion:

  1. Engage with your guests through dialogue and effective communication skills
  2. Present your new safety protocols and SOPs
  3. Demonstrate confidence in your tone of voice and body language to build trust with the customer (think Governor Cuomo and his daily news conferences)
  4. Create scripting on new value proposition(s) of the property and experience(s)
  5. Show value in new offerings and packages, as customers will expect deep discounts

Contact Barbara@poweredbyaspire.com for complimentary thinking time on your QA and Value Proposition

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