5 Musts to Drive Guest Engagement through the Voice Channel

Customers are calling because they want to talk. Even long term, repeat guests are calling because they have new questions, and your experiences are changing. Better experiences with your agents through guest engagement, can drive loyalty and create brand affinity with your guests, especially as guests have lots of options of where to stay.

Here’s 5 musts to drive guest engagement: 

  1. Change your questions. For example, replace “what activities are you interested in doing during your stay?” to “how do you envision your trip?” Imagine if every activity they want to experience is not open? Your agent will have a hard time engaging when they are constantly saying no
  2. Explain your new value propositions. For example, people might have been visiting your Resort in the past because of your amazing Spa. Now the Spa might not open for several months, as they figure out their new protocols.
  3. Re-train effective communication skills. In a verbal conversation 93% of what someone hears is your tone of voice and body language. 
  4. Be honest in what amenities will be available during their stay.
  5. Record role-plays on their phone to self-reflect.

If you want a free 30 minute strategy session on how we can help you improve your voice channel conversion please reach out to info@poweredbyaspire.com

Live All In,
The Aspire Voice Channel Team

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